A Note From '20s Roar Into Jackson

Dear Sponsors, Partners, Volunteers, Committee Members and Board,Thank you all for your wonderful work with "'20s Roar into Jackson." We received a lot of great feedback from the event and it served it's purpose of raising funds for Arts and Cultural Alliance of Jackson County...WOO HOO! Besides raising funds, this event connected the general public with architecture, which is an area of the creative sector that deserves more attention, and that was equally as important to us as raising funds.  While I was listening to many of the docents give their presentations, I learned some Jackson history regarding  other areas of the creative sector, including: industrial design, jewelry arts, music halls and performing arts, cinema, interior design, and sculpture. This event was a win for the creative sector, all the way around!In the four years that I have been on the board, ACAJC has never conducted an event with the main purpose of connecting the general public with architecture, but has focused solely on more iconic areas of arts and culture: visual art, music, and literature. Arts and culture is so much more then that!  According to our strategic plan for this next fiscal year, starting October 1, the board has determined that Outreach Committee should create a list of donors/partners/sponsors that we would like to expand to and have deeper relations with that expand farther across the Arts and Culture scene. I'm proud to announce that Valerie Herr, our newest board member, will be the new Chair for Outreach Committee. Val has some fresh ideas, with plans to offer education, networking, and ambassadorship opportunities within each Committee Meeting.Being that this architecture tour is in its inaugural year, and there were so many arts opportunities available this weekend with Museum Day, we were very pleased to have 110 patrons attend this event. This event has a lot of room to grow and we appreciate all the support given by our wonderful volunteers. I'm convinced ACAJC has the best supporters!A special thank you to Jeannette Woodard for partnering on the event. She did a wonderful job of preparing the docents, and encouraging tour guests to use their imagination to understand what Jackson was like in the 1920s, and how that affected our built environment. Also, thank you, thank you, thank you to Anchor Initiative, Experience Jackson, Jackson District Library, and Ella Sharp for your financial contributions, and docent recruiting support.The community loved the concept of this event and we got so many compliments that our docents were so very knowledgable! Thank you to Bill, AJ, Amy, Elaine, Phil, Sandy, Gary, Kaiti, Byron, Cheryl, Rick, Maggie, Jackie, and Lora for being excellent docents! Also, thanks to Christine and Anna for your support at the welcome desk and Melanie for your social media presence.On behalf of the board, I wish to extend our gratitude to all of you!Best wishes,Kate Manville-Schwartz
ACAJC Board of Directors, Chair