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Scrap to Art A Success - Thank You!
Thanks to everyone who helped us make Scrap to Art a success!We received a lot of great feedback from the event and it served it's purpose of raising funds for Arts and Cultural Alliance of Jackson County...YAY! Besides raising funds, this event engaged with the creative sector, even reaching hard to reach areas of the creative sector such as industrial design, makerspace, DIY, shabby chic, glass arts, crafting, mosaics, up-cycle art, creative repurposing, sculptures, and mixed media.In the three years that I have been on the board, ACAJC has never conducted an event with the main purpose of being a fundraiser, but has relied solely on membership and grants. Membership is fairly stable, but grants are not. According to our budget for this fiscal year, ACAJC determined that only 25% of what we feel like it takes to do a good job of supporting arts in Jackson comes from membership, and to put it on ourself to raise another $2,000 by fundraising and another $4,000 with grants. I'm proud to announce that Scrap to Art helped us raise just shy of $3,000 before cash donations, so if we carry the same momentum into the upcoming grant season, we may be able to exceed our financial goal which will help us to do an even better job then we anticipated in our next fiscal year, which starts October 1.Being that Scrap to Art is in its inaugural year, it's expenses were a tad high because there were organizational tools like tubs that had to be purchased. In the future, we'll have the tools we need to get started and our operational expenses will be much lower. This event has a lot of room to grow, and we appreciate all the support given by our wonderful volunteers. I'm convinced ACAJC has the best volunteers! A special thank you to Amy for organizing the event, and Jeannette who put 300 miles on her car running all over the region picking up scrap. Also, Phil, Anna, Julia, and Mary who were also super-star scrap-picker-upers!The community loved the art aspect of the event. Congratulations to Bill Amburgey for winning voters choice with his piece, Fish out of Water. Thanks to Kelly, Mike, Gary, Justine, Dione, Maggie, and Carrie for participating! Thank you to Carrie for connecting artists with the opportunity. We hope to see these works again at Art 634's Upcycle Exhibition in September as well as many other Scrap to Art Shoppers.Thank you again to our Sponsors. OmniSource was a wonderful Title Sponsor and I am beyond blown away by the great customer service we received yesterday when Jeannette, Phil and I scraped the leftover inventory at OmniSource. Thanks MIS Cares for being the Hospitality Sponsor and sending a volunteer to assist with registration, as well as for the canvas shopping bags. Thanks to Great Lakes Graphics for sponsoring the print. Thanks to Lloyd Ganton Retirement for being the Operations Sponsor and covering the cost of renting tables. Thanks to Warcraft Conveyors for being the VIP Breakfast Sponsor. Thanks to Jackson District Library for supporting us with volunteers during the promotion leading up to the event and lastly, thanks to Jackson Community Foundation for supporting us financially with a $500 grant to expand our marketing efforts.On behalf of the board, I wish to extend our gratitude to everyone who supported arts and culture in Jackson!Kate Manville-SchwartzACAJC Board of Directors, Chair
Scrap To Art Coming June 10

Scrap to ArtArts and Cultural Alliance of Jackson County is hosting SCRAP to ART on Saturday, June 10 at The Incubator (414 N. Jackson, downtown) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.ACAJC is collecting donated factory scraps that are cast off during the manufacturing process to sell in a one-day sale, to continue to support and fund arts in Jackson. Attendees purchase a bag for $18 ($13 for ACAJC members, students, and teachers) to fill up with copper, steel, plastic, wood, fabric, and other materials that have been generously donated by local manufacturers and merchants. We believe that SCRAP to ART will connect arts with manufacturing in a way that is unique to Jackson. This will be a fun opportunity for the whole community to make artwork, and foster inventions and innovations of all types.Artists can submit the resulting projects to Art 634’s September 10 Second Sunday show, “Salvage.Recycle.Reuse.ART.”Just 25% of funds needed to support arts in Jackson come in through ACAJC’s membership base, while the rest is raised through fundraising events such as Scrap to Art. This fundraiser is made possible by our title sponsor OmniSource, along with generous donations from MIS Cares, Great Lakes Graphics, and Lloyd Ganton Retirement Centers. And many thanks to the Jackson District Library for volunteer support.ACAJC also recently received a $500 grant from the Jackson Literary and Arts Association Fund at the Jackson Community Foundation.Learn more at our Facebook event, and see us at the upcoming Ella Sharp Museum Art, Beer, and Wine Festival!